Baldur’s Gate 3 | Best Druid subclasses, ranked

The Druid is often overlooked in BG3 but boasts versatility with spells, armor, and the ability to transform into an Owlbear. However, certain Druid subclasses stand out in any BG3 adventure.

When do you choose your Druid subclass in BG3?

At Druid level two in Baldur’s Gate 3, you select one of three subclasses, known as Circles. Each Circle offers its first benefit at this level, with additional major features at levels six and 10. Minor benefits, such as expanded Wild Shapes or enhanced spell options, are also granted between these levels. The Circle of the Land stands out as the only subclass offering additional choices beyond level two, while the other two have preset features.

The best Druid subclass options in BG3

3) Circle of the Spores

Role in party: Melee damage dealer, melee tank, summoner

The Circle of the Spores presents unique abilities like Halo of Spores, providing extra damage to nearby targets, and Symbiotic Entity, enhancing melee combat and survivability. However, while effective in certain situations, it falls short compared to other Druids due to its reliance on Symbiotic Entity, which doesn’t match the power of Wild Shape.

2) Circle of the Moon

Role in party: Melee damage dealer, melee tank

Moon Druids specialize in Wild Shape, granting access to formidable animal forms like the Bear, Dire Raven, and Sabre-Toothed Tiger. At level 10, they can even transform into elemental Myrmidons, offering potent combat options. Despite their transformation prowess, Moon Druids lack the additional utility of other subclasses.

1) Circle of the Land

Role in party: All-around caster

The Circle of the Land Druid shines as the strongest option in BG3, emphasizing spellcasting versatility and regeneration. With up to 10 spells from other classes through Land selections, they can tailor their abilities to suit various roles, from damage dealer to support. Additionally, their ability to regenerate spell slots and dual Wild Shape usage per short rest grants unparalleled versatility and durability in combat.

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