Attack on Titan: Here’s Why Annie Was Crying

Annie Leonhart, the epitome of a strong, silent lone wolf in Attack on Titan, possesses exceptional combat skills and proficiency in both weapons and espionage. When revealed as the Female Titan, the narrative shifted towards thwarting her, adding layers to her character. Amidst an intense battle, the aftermath unfolds as Levi and Mikasa retreat, glancing back to witness Titan Annie slumped against a tree, quietly shedding tears. The question lingers: Why was Annie crying?

Annie’s Tough Upbringing

Annies tough upbringing

Annie’s origins are marked by an affair between her mother and an Eldian man, subjecting her to the discrimination faced by Eldians. Abandoned in an internment zone, she was discovered by her foster father, who initiated rigorous combat training. Annie, consumed by anger during training, inadvertently crippled her foster father, who bizarrely reveled in her proficiency.

Despite the traumatic training, Annie’s combat prowess led her to become a Marley Warrior, fulfilling her foster father’s goal of wealth through her success. Her cold demeanor and difficulty in forming connections were byproducts of this harsh upbringing.

Before setting out for Paradis Island to retrieve the Founding Titan, Annie’s foster father apologized, urging her safe return, fostering her determination to return home.

Annies time on Paradis Island

Annie’s Time on Paradis Island

Upon reaching Paradis Island, Annie and fellow Warriors faced adversities, including the loss of Marcel, the Jaw Titan, to a Pure Titan. Tensions rose as Annie advocated returning to Marley, challenging the worthiness of their mission. Disagreements culminated in physical altercations, setting the stage for the infiltration of Paradis Island.

While Annie maintained a distant demeanor, spending years among the Eldians forged a connection, particularly with Armin Arlert. Traumatized by her actions and the toll of numerous lives taken, Annie suffered psychological distress.

Annie in the Female Titan Arc

In the Female Titan arc, the Marley Warriors pursued Eren, unaware of the Founding Titan but determined to retrieve the Attack Titan. Annie, in Titan form, orchestrated an attack on Eren. Armin’s deception bought time for Eren’s escape, leading to a confrontation with Mikasa and Levi.

The battle unfolded, with Levi’s squad restraining Annie. Despite her cunning Titan tactics, Levi’s relentless attacks overwhelmed her. In defeat, Annie, in human form, unleashed a roar, prompting Pure Titans to consume her Titan body for escape.

Annie in the Female Titan arc

The pursuit continued, culminating in a clash between Annie and Eren’s Titan forms. Levi intervened, retrieving Eren and compelling Mikasa to cease the fight. As they flew away, a surprising sight unfolded – the Female Titan, Annie, was crying.

The Tears of a Titan

Annie’s tears conveyed the weariness of massacring countless lives, coupled with an intense homesickness. Her desire to return to Marley, coupled with the psychological trauma, made her vulnerable. Annie hoped for a successful mission, unaware that capturing Eren would complete her assignment. This moment of vulnerability, marked by tears, foreshadowed the difficulties Annie faced, ultimately leading to her capture.

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