Apex Legends | ranked system, explained

Since its inception, Apex Legends players have longed for a ranked matchmaking mode, and in 2019, their desires were granted with the introduction of Ranked Leagues.

However, the landscape of Apex ranked underwent a seismic shift with the mega-sized update of season 20 in early 2024. Respawn opted for a more streamlined approach, discarding many existing features in favor of a revamped mode aimed at simplifying the journey to Predator.

Here’s a breakdown of how Apex’s ranked mode operates post-season 20 update.

Apex Legends ranked system, explained

Season 20 witnessed substantial changes to Apex ranked, including the removal of systems like hidden MMR, Ladder Points, Provisional Matches, and Promotional Trials. The entry barrier was significantly lowered, allowing players to compete from level 20 instead of level 50, expediting new players’ participation.

The ranked mode reintroduces the Ranked Points (RP) system, where wins and kills contribute to RP gains. Joining a ranked match deducts RP, meaning failure to secure kills or a decent placement will result in rank descent. Additional RP is awarded for eliminations, though it decreases by half after six eliminations in a single game.

In season 20, two methods offer bonus RP:

  • Streak Bonus: Achieve a top-five finish in consecutive games for escalating RP bonuses.
  • Challenger Bonus: Secure kills or assists against higher-ranked players or teams for increased RP earnings, bypassing the halved points penalty after six kills.


Players queuing as a premade party of two or three will be matched based on the highest-ranked player, potentially posing challenges for lower-skilled players teamed with significantly higher-ranked friends.

At the start of season 20, all players will have their ranked points reset to one, ensuring a level playing field from the outset.

All ranks in Apex Legends

Below is a breakdown of every rank in Apex, each comprising four divisions. The entry cost for a ranked match begins at Silver Four and increases with each rank. Players below Silver Four can enter matches without RP deduction.

RankRP RequirementCost to Enter Ranked
Bronze1,00010, 13, 16, 19
Silver5,00022, 25, 28, 31
Gold9,00034, 37, 40, 43
Platinum13,00046, 49, 52, 55
Diamond17,00058, 61, 64, 67
Master21,00070 (plus five every 1,000 RP up to 250)
PredatorTop 750 Masters70 (plus five every 1,000 RP up to 250)

The top 750 Master-ranked players on each platform will be automatically promoted to Predator and must maintain their RP level to retain the rank. At the end of each season, players receive rewards based on their achieved rank.

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