All village and town locations in Palworld

Venturing through Palworld is like navigating a wild jungle, my friends. The landscape is untamed, and lurking dangers come in the form of Pals that are less cuddly than they appear. But fear not, for scattered across this vast wilderness are oases of civilization – villages and towns that could be your saving grace.

All Town Locations in Palworld

Now, don’t expect Palworld to be dotted with bustling cities; it’s more of a forge-your-own-path kind of deal. However, there are a handful of towns that are worth a pitstop. Let’s dive into the deets.

Fisherman’s Point Settlement Location

Coordinates: -481, -744

NPCs: Wandering Merchant (red), Wandering Merchant (green), Pal Merchant

Fisherman’s Point is that hidden gem nestled in the southwest corner, offering an oceanfront spectacle. Getting here involves a jaunt over Mount Obsidian, a high-level challenge. My pro-tip – soar over the land border with a trusty flying mount. At Fisherman’s Point, you’ll rub shoulders with the likes of the Wandering Merchant, Pal Merchant, and other vendors. What keeps me coming back? The stunning beach view and a handy fast travel point.

The Small Settlement Location

Coordinates: 73, -484

NPCs: Wandering Merchant, Pal Merchant

The Small Settlement is the humble beginner’s town, just west of the Plateau of Beginnings during your tutorial escapade. It’s as basic as it gets, with guards, vendors, and not much else. Think of it as a pitstop on your grand adventure.

Duneshelter Settlement Location

Coordinates: 357, -348

NPCs: Wandering Merchant (red), Wandering Merchant (green), Pal Merchant

Tip: Be wary of the high temperatures at Duneshelter

Duneshelter, situated in the desert zone, brings the heat – quite literally. The desert biome means you’ll be sizzling with the Hot status unless you’re decked out in some snazzy heat-resistant armor. This outpost in the northeastern desert is no bustling city – just a hub for Black Marketeers and vendors. Duneshelter might not be packed with residents, but it’s a goldmine for savvy traders.

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