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The Outlast Trials presents an immersive survival experience within the chilling universe of the larger Outlast series. As you navigate through harrowing Trials to secure your freedom, you may wonder which gaming platforms support this spine-chilling adventure.

While The Outlast franchise holds a prominent position in the horror gaming genre, The Outlast Trials offers enjoyment to both seasoned fans and newcomers alike. If you’re seeking a terrifying yet exhilarating journey with friends, it’s essential to explore the available platforms for The Outlast Trials to determine the best fit for your gaming experience.

What platforms is The Outlast Trials on?

The Outlast Trials is accessible across multiple platforms, including PC via Steam and Epic Games, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One starting from March 5.

Currently, there are no official announcements regarding The Outlast Trials’ availability on platforms beyond these five. However, considering that previous Outlast titles eventually arrived on Nintendo Switch, there remains a possibility of The Outlast Trials releasing on that platform in the future. For now, prospective players can select from the existing five platforms to delve into the enigmatic Murkoff Facility.

With diverse platform options to immerse yourself in the terror, it’s pertinent to inquire whether The Outlast Trials supports crossplay or cross-platform compatibility. While facing the daunting Trials solo is feasible, recruiting fellow Reagents significantly enhances your chances of success. Although you can brave the Trials alone, the experience is undoubtedly enriched when shared with friends.

Set before the events of previous Outlast games, The Outlast Trials offers a seamless entry point into the series, even for those unfamiliar with its predecessors. As a prequel, it facilitates a smooth progression through the Outlast series should players wish to explore the franchise further after their initial venture.

Similar in style to other cooperative horror titles like Phasmophobia and Dead by Daylight, The Outlast Trials provides a gripping survival experience ideal for enjoying with friends across various platforms.

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