All Subnautica Aurora Door Codes

Hey fellow Subnautica explorers! So, you’ve just dived into the depths of Subnautica, and the Aurora’s got you scratching your head with its locked doors? Fret not, because I’ve got the keys to unlock those bad boys early on. Let’s dive into the deets!

Subnautica: Aurora Door Codes

Picture this: Your character crash-landed on the Aurora, a spaceship that’s seen better days. Now, with the emergency lockdown in play, you gotta crack those doors open with some codes. Lucky for you, I’ve got the cheat sheet:

  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Lab Access: 6483
  • Cabin 1: 1869
  • Cargo Bay: 1454

Pop those codes in once, and voila! The doors swing wide open, and you’re in. Easy peasy. Now, what treasures lie within? Let’s find out.

Subnautica: What You Can Find on the Aurora?

Behind those locked doors, it’s a treasure trove! Upgrades, batteries, and even some cosmetic goodies await. These unlocks will not only amp up your gear but also help you tackle tasks to propel the storyline forward. Let’s break it down:

Cargo Bay:

  • Supply crates and a chance for 3 Cyclops engine fragments.


  • Sample flasks, supply crates, a microscope, and a sample analyzer.

Captain’s Quarters:

  • Captain’s Log data download.

Cabin 1:

  • Blue Cap, Arcade Gorge Toy cosmetics.

But hold on, there’s more loot scattered around the Aurora:

Prawn Bay:

  • Prawn suit fragments, Storage module (gives the Seamoth a 4×4 storage).

Seamoth Bay:

  • Seamoth Depth Module Mk1, damaged Seamoth pieces.

Drive Room:

  • Cyclops Engine Efficiency module.

Now, if you’re on a quest, you’ll need to repair the Drive Core to waltz into the Aurora sans radiation suit. Get yourself a radiation suit and a repair tool. Oh, and don’t forget the fire extinguishers – things get fiery in there thanks to the Drive Core explosion.

There you have it, intrepid Subnautica players! Now you’re armed with the knowledge to unlock, explore, and plunder the Aurora.

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