All Mineshaft Field Bosses in Palworld

Palworld offers a vast gaming experience for players willing to explore off the beaten path, including encountering various bosses and acquiring loot. Below are all the Mineshaft Field Bosses in Palworld, along with tips to defeat them!

Every Mineshaft Field Boss in Palworld

In addition to the typical Syndicate Tower bosses encountered in the main storyline of Palworld, there are several creature fights known as Mineshaft Field Bosses, providing a considerable challenge. These bosses range in level from 25 to 49, making them end-game content for most players.

FenglopeLevel 25Falls Mineshaft-249,-434
Broncherry AquaLevel 30Shoal Minecraft-144,-445
ElizabeeLevel 31Devout Mineshaft37,-187
Ice KingpacaLevel 43Forgotten Mineshaft-253,477
MenastingLevel 44Dessicated Mineshaft492.81
Dinossom LuxLevel 47The Furthest Mineshaft349,563
AstegonLevel 48Destroyed Mineshaft-576,-421
Lyleen NoctLevel 49Iceberg Mineshaft-142,322
BlazamutLevel 49Scorched Mineshaft-436,-529

Each hidden mineshaft in the game displays a boss-monster icon — a white-horned creature — on the world map.

Tips for Defeating Mineshaft Field Bosses

Upon entering each mineshaft, the darkness inside becomes immediately apparent. Bringing along a light source, like a hand-held torch, hip lantern, or a Pal that emits light, such as Foxparks, is essential.

As you progress through the tunnels to the boss room, you’ll find no other Pals inside. The final chamber contains only the boss Pal, along with a few ore nodes and a purple chest to unlock after defeating the boss. However, opening it mid-fight leaves you vulnerable to a back attack.

The boss arena is notably cramped, being a small, circular room with limited space to maneuver. As these monsters hit hard, it’s crucial to stay alert, dodge, and strike opportunistically while allowing your team of Pals to assist in defeating the boss.

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