All Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Substories

Renowned for its expansive side content, the Like a Dragon series reaches new heights with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. The new map, Honolulu, is teeming with Substories—quirky adventures that promise rewards ranging from items to gameplay mechanics. To help you navigate this treasure trove of content, here’s a comprehensive list of every Substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Every Substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Listed

  1. Radio Active
  2. Sujimon, Generation 2
  3. Crazy Money
  4. Busted!
  5. Welcome to Hawaii, MFer!
  6. Surfin’ the Streets
  7. Miss Match
  8. Snap Those Sickos!
  9. A Love as Sweet as Lemons
  10. Coming Out of Her Shell
  11. Wait for Me
  12. Saved by Kindness
  13. Rock and Roil
  14. Neck-Deep in Love
  15. Samurai, May We Walk Together?
  16. Beach Guardian: Water, Water Everywhere
  17. Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around
  18. Beach Guardian: Heroes of the Sand
  19. Home to Roost
  20. A Better Bat
  21. Playing with Fire
  22. Rise and Grind
  23. The More, the Plumeria
  24. Let it Snow
  25. Embrace Your Wild Side
  26. Anaconda Escape
  27. The Pursuit of Realism
  28. An Authentic Blockbuster
  29. Litterbugged
  30. Close Encounters of the Bird Kind?
  31. Let’s Get Alo-Happy!
  32. Tropical Photo Rally
  33. The Island at Rock Bottom
  34. Legend of the Labyrinth
  35. Love and Punishment
  36. Relics from the Past
  37. Choosing Your Starter
  38. The CEO of Suji
  39. The Queen’s Subilee
  40. A True Gym Battle
  41. Sodachi’s Revenge
  42. Atop the Plateau
  43. A Man Named Asakura
  44. A Changed Man
  45. The Final Showdown for Real
  46. A Man Facing the Future
  47. Certifiable Lover
  48. The Ultimate Alo-Happy Activity!
  49. She Never Misses
  50. Together, Forever…
  51. Experimental Procedures
  52. Surviving Paradise

Note: The last five Substories may not appear on the map initially. To unlock them, gift items to your acquaintances around Honolulu as they request, and you’ll eventually trigger their corresponding Substory.

It’s essential to highlight that these Substories are exclusive to Ichiban, offering a delightful contrast to Kiryu’s less extensive Bucket List. Immerse yourself in the zaniness of these Substories to balance the serious tone of the main story. Take Substory breaks as you progress through the plot for a well-rounded gaming experience!

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