All Dungeon Locations in Palworld

Hey fellow adventurers, let’s dive deep into the heart of Palworld, where dungeons await! I’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about these mysterious caverns – from sniffing them out to conquering their challenges.

All Dungeon Locations in Palworld

Picture this: you’re strolling through Palworld, and suddenly, you stumble upon a mountain wall hiding a secret – a dungeon! These caves pop up here and there, offering a treasure trove of rewards. But here’s the catch – they won’t stick around forever. Once they appear, you’ve got a tight 200-minute window to make your move before they vanish.

Now, if you’re fashionably late and enter with just a minute on the clock, no worries! You’ve still got all the time in the world to explore. And trust me, Palworld’s dungeons are a gold mine.

Pro Tip: Dungeons auto-unlock as you approach. But beware, they come in varying difficulties, so make sure your pals are up for the challenge. These dungeons are your ticket to rare drops – think blueprints for killer gear and Alpha Pals.

After exploring a bunch, I’ve noticed two layouts for each dungeon. One has a central chamber connecting to four others, and the other rocks a castle-like corridor. The Pals inside stay the same – Maus, Daedreams, Fuddlers, and some Syndicate grunts for extra chaos.

Now, as you venture into higher-level regions, brace yourself for dungeons hitting level 40-45. That’s where you’ll meet the dark type Maraith and elemental fusions like Ice Reptyro. The real game-changer, though, is the random final boss – a surprise element that keeps things spicy. The loot from these bosses? Paldium Crystal and Precious Entrails – a treasure trove for your adventurer’s arsenal.

And when you’ve conquered the dungeon’s challenges, brace yourself for two treasure chests filled with goodies like blueprints, Technical Manuals, Rubies, Diamonds, Accessories, and more. Remember, there are only two ways out – the portal behind the boss or the entrance. Dying? Not recommended, my friend.

Pro Tip 2: In lower-level dungeons, up to level 29, you can actually influence which Alpha Pal becomes the final boss. Sneaky, right?

How to Find Dungeons in Palworld

Now, locating dungeons can be a bit of a treasure hunt. They spawn in various spots with lengthy cooldowns, so keep your eyes peeled. Height advantage can be your ally, as these dungeons aren’t shy about their size.

Let me drop some coordinates for you:

Starting Area Dungeons: Level 13, Hillside Cavern

  • 266, 537
  • 125, -429
  • 56, -534
  • 14, -533
  • 14, -473
  • 64, -481

Island Area Dungeons: Level 19, Ravine Grotto

  • -298, -186
  • -175, 191
  • -221, 414
  • -226, -466
  • -165, -443
  • -282, -462

Sand Dune Area Dungeons: Level 38, Cavern of the Dunes

  • 218, 254
  • 283, 329
  • 357, 412
  • 355, 409
  • 335, 444
  • 446, 496
  • 557, 398

Mount Obsidian Area Dungeons: Level 40, Volcanic Cavern

  • -610, -237
  • -465, -311
  • -452, -422
  • -500, -521
  • -786, -566
  • -785, -346

Astral Mountain Area Dungeons: Level 45, Sacred Mountain Cavern

  • -106, 221
  • -19, 194
  • -131, 313

Dungeons in Palworld are like a rollercoaster – thrilling and unpredictable. If you want to level up your Paldeck game, check out our guide on all pals, pal variants, and drops.

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