All Dreamscape Pass sticker locations in Honkai Star Rail

The Honkai: Star Rail Dreamscape Pass acts as a large Sticker book for tracking Illustrated and Note Stickers found around Penacony. Gathering these Stickers across both real and dream worlds yields various fantastic rewards.

Below are all the Dreamtour Handbook Sticker locations needed to complete the Dreamscape Pass. While not all locations have been discovered yet, the page is continuously updated. Feel free to bookmark it for the latest Sticker discoveries, and do let us know if you uncover any we’ve missed!

How to complete the Dreamtour Handbook in Honkai Star Rail

The Reverie

In The Reverie, three Illustrated Stickers are already unlocked by default: Adventurine, Robin, and Sunday.


Complete the Penacony Trailblaze Mission “Tales from the Golden Age” to encounter Gallagher, who rescues Robin and you from being wrongly arrested. You’ll receive his Illustrated Sticker after the encounter.


Progress through the Penacony Trailblaze Missions to obtain the Acheron Illustrated Sticker.

Big Squanderer

In Big Sqanderer, the following Stickers are initially unlocked: Classic SoulGlad and About Happiness.

Floatdisc Burger

Visit the location marked above in Golden Hour F2 to find a flying book. Collect it to obtain the Floatdisc Burger Illustrated Sticker.

Nameless’ Dream Bubble

Automatically unlock the Nameless’ Dream Bubble Illustrated Sticker by progressing through the Penacony Trailblaze Missions.

Dreamscape Sales Store

Similarly, the Dreamscape Sales Store Illustrated Sticker is automatically unlocked through Penacony Trailblaze Missions.

About Life

Head to the circled area in the image above, south of Golden Hour F2. Interact with the Animal Lover named Beastar, and consistently choose “Submit to your heart’s desire.” After the conversation, select “Explain what you just did” to receive the About Life Note Sticker.

Oti Mall

Find the floating book in the circled area above, located in Golden Hour F2, to obtain the Oti Mall Illustrated Sticker.

City That Never Sleeps

In the City That Never Sleeps, two Illustrated Stickers are unlocked by default: The Family Needs You! and Smokescreen.

Empyrean Hymnos

Visit Golden Hour F2 and head to the northernmost point of the arched road to find a floating book, as indicated in the image. Collect it to obtain the Empyrean Hymnos Illustrated Sticker.

Eye of Dreamchaser

To the left of Empyrean Hymnos, north of Golden Hour F2, investigate the telescope with a glowing spot. Ensure to select “Continue to meet its gaze” during the dialogue to acquire the Eye of Dreamchaser Illustrated Sticker.

Clipping (IV)

Travel to the circled area in the northern part of Golden Hour F2 to meet the News Anchor named Uma. Engage in conversation and touch the fluffball on her head to obtain the Clipping (IV) Note Sticker.

Clipping (VI)

This Sticker requires some bravery. Head to the circled area above, located in Golden Hour F2. Navigate among the moving vehicles and intentionally collide with one of them. This action rewards you with the Clipping (VI) Note Sticker and the “Rules Are Made to be Broken…” Achievement, but please, don’t attempt this in real life.

Amusing Ourselves to Death

In Amusing Ourselves to Death, two Illustrated Stickers are unlocked by default: Good-Omen Capsule Machine and Yes, It’s All Yours.

Aideen Park

Visit the circled area above, north of the Hanu’s Adventure icon in Golden Hour F2, to find a floating book. Collect it to obtain the Aideen Park Illustrated Sticker.

Talking Clock

In Talking Clock, the following Illustrated Stickers are unlocked by default: Hey! I’m Clockie, Look! He’s Called Brother Hanu, Hey! Isn’t This The Origami Bird?, and Ah! The Annoying Boss Stone!

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