All Black Marketeers Locations in Palworld

Palworld, oh, the land of intrigue and cunning deals – and guess who’s ruling the underworld market? It’s none other than the elusive Black Marketeer. Buckle up, my fellow Pal enthusiasts, I’m about to spill the beans on where to find these clandestine traders.

How to Find the Black Marketeer in Palworld

So, you’re itching to trim your Pal roster or maybe snag a rare one? The Black Marketeer’s got your back, and here’s the twist – there are not one, not two, but seven of them! If the first one’s inventory doesn’t tickle your fancy, hop over to his identical quintuplets.

Abandoned Mineshaft Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

First up, let’s dive into the Abandoned Mineshaft’s secrets. Head west from the Desolate Church waypoint, and there you’ll find this masked figure dealing in “contraband” – yeah, Pals. Bring your Pals, and he’ll swap them for gold, but beware, his chamber is more guillotines than amenities.

Secret Mineshaft Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

Not satisfied with the first guy’s offerings? No worries, head north to the PIDF Tower Entrance, and west of it, you’ll stumble upon the Secret Mineshaft. The second Black Marketeer’s got some surprises, but pack your Heat-resistant armor for the day and Cold-Resistant for the night – it’s a chilly affair.

Duneshelter Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

Moving on, the third Black Marketeer is chilling outside Duneshelter, coordinates 345, 364. Skip the ruined city, take a right, and hug the outer wall. Bingo! He might not always be there, though, so try your luck tomorrow if he’s playing hide-and-seek.

Cove Mineshaft Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

Let’s hit the central island, seekers! Head west from the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant waypoint, and where water meets land, you’ll discover the Cove Mineshaft. Torchlight helps, especially when it’s dark, revealing the entrance to your next Black Marketeer adventure.

Fort Ruins Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

Now, this one’s an early bird. From the starting island, northwest to the Fort Ruins waypoint. Follow the trail, go off it at the northern crest, and there he is, blending with the green ridges. Sneaky, but not too sneaky for us.

Mount Obsidian Beach Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

As we transition from mid-game to late-game, both Black Marketeers are here. The southern one, south of the Beach of Everlasting Summery waypoint. Or, take the scenic route from Seabreeze Archipelago Island, west along the southern beach of Mount Obsidian – and there he awaits.

Mount Obsidian Fortress Ruins Black Marketeer Location in Palworld

Last but not least, the North Black Marketeer hangs around Mount Obsidian’s ruined fortress. Dive into the courtyard from Ruined Fortress City waypoint, head towards the river, and turn left. Fingers crossed, as his spawn is a tad elusive.

When Does the Black Marketeer Restock in Palworld?

Hold your horses, collector! The Black Marketeer won’t restock if you’re lurking in his chamber. Leave the area, either by waypoint or hoofing it a fair distance, and check back the next day for fresh goods.

Here’s a peek at some Pals he might offer:

  • Killamari – 3,420 Gold
  • Galeclaw – 6,030 Gold
  • Robinquil – 4,612 Gold
  • Relaxaurus – 29,184 Gold
  • Jolthog Cryst – 3,049 Gold
  • Nox – 4,440 Gold
  • Ribbunny – 2,958 Gold
  • Chillet – 10,350 Gold
  • Dumund – 11,959 Gold
  • Robinquill – 6,150 Gold
  • Vaelet – 5,586 Gold
  • Incineram – 11,472 Gold
  • Beegrade – 4,794 Gold

Variety’s the spice of life, right?

Can You Catch the Black Marketeer in Palworld?

Now, here’s the kicker – you can! Level 40, Gatling gun in hand, this guy won’t go down without a brawl. But if you manage to squeeze him into a Pal Sphere, congrats! He’ll join your base with a Handiwork +1. A talking, trading Black Marketeer buddy – who wouldn’t want that?

Catching or defeating, he’ll drop two Golden Keys and 29,000 Gold. Kill him, and he’ll respawn, ready for more shenanigans.

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