2024 Call of Duty League Major 1: CDL Scores, Schedule, and Bracket

After a prolonged offseason and a brief holiday hiatus, the inaugural Call of Duty League (CDL) Major of the 2024 season is finally upon us.

The Major One qualifiers unfolded largely as expected, with top teams like Atlanta FaZe, Toronto, and New York showcasing their dominance. Miami’s captivating roster, highlighted by Spanish talent, made a significant impact, raising eyebrows across the league, particularly after a commanding victory over OpTic Texas.

Let’s delve into what CDL Major One in Boston has in store for eager fans.

2024 CDL Major One Schedule

The action kicks off on January 25 and concludes on January 28, hosted by the Boston Breach at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

All matches will be exclusively streamed on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel. Fans can also join watch parties hosted by popular streamers like Scump and ZooMaa.

2024 CDL Major One Bracket

Here’s the official bracket for the first Major of the 2024 CDL season:

CDL Major 1 2024 Bracket

2024 CDL Major One Scores and Results

Day Three (Jan. 27)

  • Seattle Surge vs. Carolina Royal Ravens: Series tied 1-1
  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-159 Carolina
  • Karachi Search and Destroy: 6-2 Seattle
  • Atlanta FaZe vs. OpTic Texas: 2 pm CT
  • Toronto Ultra vs. Minnesota RØKKR: 3:30 pm CT
  • Losers bracket round three: 5 pm CT
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. TBD: 6:30 pm CT

Day Two (Jan. 26)

  • Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Vegas Legion: Los Angeles win 3-2
  • Skidrow Hardpoint: 250-227 Vegas
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-4 Vegas
  • Highrise Control: 3-2 Los Angeles
  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-227 Los Angeles
  • Terminal Search and Destroy: 6-1 Los Angeles
  • Boston Breach vs. Seattle Surge: Seattle win 3-2
  • Sub Base Hardpoint: 250-196 Boston
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-3 Seattle
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 Boston
  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-226 Seattle
  • Highrise Search and Destroy: 6-1 Seattle
  • Vegas Legion vs. Miami Heretics: Vegas win 3-0
  • Invasion Hardpoint: 250-167 Vegas
  • Karachi Search and Destroy: 6-4 Vegas
  • Invasion Control: 3-2 Vegas
  • Los Angeles Thieves vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas: Guerrillas win 3-1
  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-233 Guerrillas
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-5 Guerrillas
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 Thieves
  • Skidrow Hardpoint: 250-182 Guerrillas
  • Carolina Royal Ravens vs. New York Subliners: Carolina win 3-1
  • Karachi Hardpoint: 250-238 Carolina
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-3 Carolina
  • Karachi Control: 3-1 New York
  • Terminal Hardpoint: 250-128 Carolina

Day One (Jan. 25)

  • OpTic Texas vs. Miami Heretics: OpTic win 3-0
  • Skidrow Hardpoint: 250-211 OpTic
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-3 OpTic
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 OpTic
  • Seattle Surge vs. Toronto Ultra: Toronto win 3-0
  • Skidrow Hardpoint: 250-106 Toronto
  • Skidrow Search and Destroy: 6-2 Toronto
  • Karachi Control: 3-0 Toronto
  • Minnesota RØKKR vs. New York Subliners: Minnesota win 3-0
  • Invasion Hardpoint: 250-238 Minnesota
  • Karachi Search and Destroy: 6-2 Minnesota
  • Karachi Control: 3-2 Minnesota
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Atlanta FaZe: Atlanta win 3-0
  • Skidrow Hardpoint: 250-136 Atlanta
  • Invasion Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta
  • Invasion Control: 3-0 Atlanta

This article will be regularly updated throughout the tournament, concluding on Jan. 28. Stay tuned for the latest scores, highlights, and insights from the CDL Major One in Boston!

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